Caring for our client’s safety & well being with knowledge, experience and passion.

We specialize in therapeutic exercise programs including Therapeutic Pilates and Rehabilitation for back, shoulder and hips after surgery or injury.

Specializing in Individual and Small Group Pilates, Therapeutic Pilates and Fitness Classes. 

Emphasis On Deep Core Stabilization,Proper Body Alignment During Exercise, Postural Integrity  

Spinal Stability, Hip / Shoulder Mobility and Rehabilitation Based on Therapeutic Pilates Principles.


‘The Pilates Process’ offers a refined approach to Pilates that incorporates current research on movement and core stability. Through years of incorporating new knowledge, we have become increasingly more effective in using Pilates to treat injuries and back pain as well as developing a safer approach to fitness..


This type of training is for people with chronic disease, injury or other special needs and requires our consultation with your physician, physiotherapist or other health care professional.