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Rehabilitation Services

This type of training is for people with chronic disease, injury, or other special needs and requires our consultation with your physician, physiotherapist or other health care professional.

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If you can’t make a class you signed up for, you may attend another class instead, if space is available. We do not refund for missed classes.

24 hours notice is required if you cannot make a class and wish to attend another class instead. A make-up class cannot be transferred to next the session.

Each session is 6 weeks.

Class Descriptions at Pilates Plus Fitness

Mat Pilates

A full body exercise system that focuses on deep core strength and spinal stability. The focus is on improving postural awareness, muscle balance and joint mobilization. Classes are offered at the essential (level 1) and intermediate (level 2) levels.

Reformer Pilates

This class is a progression from Mat Pilates Level 1 and 2 using the Pilates Specialized Reformer Equipment. Knowledge of the principles of Pilates is required, mat level 1 or private sessions are a prerequisite.

Circuit/Reformer Combo

A full body muscle conditioning class using bands, stability equipment, body balls, Pilates Reformer equipment, spin bikes etc. This class is for beginner to intermediate levels.

Bone and Joint Health Class

A muscle conditioning class tailored to participants with Osteoporosis, Arthritis and other chronic conditions. The focus of the class is on improved postural awareness, joint stability and mobility, muscular endurance, balance and agility.


A high energy, non-impact cardiovascular conditioning class. It utilizes music, imagination and fun athletic drills to give you an invigorating workout.

Spin/Pilates Circuit

A combination of spinning and muscle conditioning. We spin for 25 minutes and then move on to the muscle-conditioning segment using a suspension strap and various other equipment. This class is for the more experienced participant.


A full body muscle conditioning class using TRX, BOSU, Bands, Stability Equipment, Body Balls, Pilates Reformer Equipment, etc. The format of the class is non-chorographed class, where you walk from one exercise station to the next . This class is for beginner to intermediate levels.

Combo classes

A combination of any of the above mentioned classes. For example Spin, TRX, Bosu and Stretching, all in one class.

Other Classes

Specialized classes can also be arranged if you have your own group with your own goals and needs. Examples of specialized classes are Post Natal Pilates, Improve Your Golf Swing, and Athletic Training for Youth.